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2017-18 Committee Chairs and Members

Awards & Recognition

This committee shall recommend to the Executive Committee individuals and teams to be nominated for chapter, regional, or national ESP awards; be responsible for securing and presenting chapter awards; and annually review the criteria for selecting awards recipients.


This committee shall raise funds according to the direction and intention of the Executive Committee for these purposes: to add to the Minnesota Extension Workers Scholarship Fund; to support the mission, vision, and operations of the Pi Chapter; and any other purpose which contributes to the professional development and work of Pi Chapter members.

This committee provides awareness and access to international work, service, and travel opportunities.

History & Archives

This committee will record and collect documents, stories, photos, exhibits, oral histories, and other memorabilia. It will preserve them in an appropriate location and in durable formats to ensure they are safe and accessible over time. It will provide a list of the contents along with information about how to access archived information.
  • Vacant


This committee shall remain informed and keep membership informed of pertinent legislative matters that concern University of Minnesota Extension and its staff.


This committee shall work with the Treasurer to maintain and report an annual roster of annual and life members to the ESP office; identify and recruit qualified new annual and life member candidates; report all changes of status of members; be responsible for the initiation and orientation of new members.

Professional Improvement

This committee shall identify and recommend to the Executive Committee appropriate professional improvement programs and activities, and plan, implement, and evaluate offerings.

Retiree / Life Member

This committee shall work to maintain the active involvement of life members in the chapter; maintain communication linkages with life members; and report needs, concerns, and issues to the Executive Committee. Send ESP sympathy card to family of retiree, remove name from ESP life member list, add to deceased list and donor management system. Commemorate memorial service at annual meeting. Plan post-educational session at retiree luncheon.


This committee shall promote scholarship programs of the Pi Chapter and ESP, review applications and recommend Pi Chapter amounts, and annually review scholarship selection criteria.


This committee shall be chaired by the immediate past president of Pi Chapter; and shall recommend to the executive committee a slate of candidates for office to be elected at the annual meeting of the membership.

This committee shall consist of three (3) members not to include members of the executive committee; shall review the financial records of Pi Chapter; and recommend any changes deemed advisable.
  • Three members not on Executive Committee appointed by President