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May 3, 2019 ESP Pi Chapter Board Meeting Minutes

ESP PI Chapter Board Meeting Minutes
May 3, 2019

On Call: Nathan Winter, Gwen Gmeinder, Mary Caskey, Anita Harris Hering, Rebecca Harrington, Suzanne Driessen, Sara Croymans, Marcia Woeste, Becky Hagen Jokela

Not on Call: Katherine Brandt, David Werner, Roselyn Biermaier, Robin Trott, Jody Horntvedt

Nathan called the meeting to order at 9:00 am via Google Hangout.

President’s Report - Nathan shared about his attendance at PILD - held Apr 14-17

M/S/C (Gwen, Suzanne) to approve the agenda.

Secretary’s Report

Treasurer’s Report -  Mary Caskey emailed out the Treasurer’s Report.
Balance - checking -  $7,868.86; Savings - $4,017.51, and CD - $2,806.36

Scholarship Committee - no report

Awards & Recognition Committee - Marcia shared she received notification from National that Pi Chapter needs to vote for awards; Marcia, Kia, Nathan & Sara will review; Due date -- May 15

Retiree/Life Member Committee- Gwen - Dean’s Luncheon - July 18 in St. Paul and one will be scheduled in the northern area, date TBD. This year Extension is recognizing and celebrating our 110th anniversary (buttons, table tents, etc). Retiree newsletter went out in March and another in July.  Yearly plan of communication with Extension retirees: three newsletters, two luncheons and two connections via Source magazine. A few recent/upcoming retirees - Liz Templin, Bob Byrnes. A retirement workshop is scheduled May 21 for those on Federal benefits.

Legislative Committee - Gwen - There has been a strong effort to reach 201 legislators; so far 166 legislative contacts across the state; many Educators & RDs have been making efforts to meet with legislators; Goal - to reach every legislator to let them know how important Extension work is and to fund the University. The legislative session ends on May 20. The Governor’s first proposal was for funding the University was $51 million ($37 million below request).  On April 30 the House passed their bill for $114 million for UMN funding; Senate’s bill is lower; the differences will need to be worked out in conference committee.

Professional Improvement - Nathan shared the committee met April 23. They continue to find balance of representing full membership -- current staff plus life members. Looking at shorter presentations via ‘lunch and learn’ format, with a possible theme of ‘successful collaborations’. The committee will meet again in mid May. 

Fund Raising committee - Becky Hagen Jokela
The committee met April 8. They reflected/reviewed the 2018 Silent Auction event. They plan to host a silent auction again at Extension Program Conference at the DECC in Duluth --  September 23-25. The committee will be meeting again on May 8. Becky will be checking with Jane Johnson about possible online auction. It was suggested Amy Rager be consulted as the Master Naturalists have done or looked at an online auction. Discussion was held about opportunities to open the auction to the full Extension staff, perhaps on the first day near the registration desk.

History and Archives - Nathan indicated he didn’t have a report

Global Relations - Anita Harris Hering
Anita indicated she will provide an image for Global Relations for the next newsletter along with resources, connections for members. A goal was to have a few bloggers in the next year. Suzanne indicated that perhaps a Global Relations tab is needed on the blog.

Membership Committee - Becky Harrington
Committee met 5/2/19, 9:00 - 10:30 am, via hangout.
Roselyn Biermaier, Becky Harrington, Jane Johnson, Kathy Brandt - present.

Membership Update: click on link to see details

 31 - renewing Annual Active (includes 2 MN Life Members)
 11 - NEW members(!!!)
 42 - Annual Active Members

128 ESP Life Members

Great work!! Let’s keep it going!!

Following are updates/comments for reaching each goal (listed 2018-19 Goals):

1.     There was follow up with a few Annual Active members for timely renewal. We achieved 100% renewal from last year by the National ESP deadline of February 1!! Retirees Deb Zak and LuAnn Hiniker joined as MN Life members; Judith Conway, who left Extension, joined as an Annual Active member. Completed January 31, 2019.

2.     Becky H will lead the review/update of membership brochure. (Does anyone have pictures from last year? Please share.)

3.     The membership section of the ESP blog will be reviewed and updated. The link to National ESP needs to be updated. (All links on the blog need to be checked.) Becky H will lead this project.

4.     A ‘Welcome’ to Extension message was developed last year and will continue to be used. The soft-sell message is sent out to New Extension employees meeting the criteria (below) for ESP membership. This is used to “plant the seed” that ESP MN Pi Chapter exists and is a growing professional organization. During the Membership Blitz, a follow up message will be sent inviting individuals to join ESP. Roselyn B is leading this project.

(Membership is open to Extension salary-based professionals including administrative, campus, regional and county-based personnel, retirees, and those who left in good standing from the Extension System.)

5.  New member information packet and mentor guide/checklist were developed last year.   Those serving as mentors are the current members who recruited the new member(s). Continue to use/improve as needed. Complete and ready to use.

6.  Conduct a Membership Blitz/Drive which Jane J and Kathy B will lead. Challenge each current member to identify and invite (at least) one Extension professional to join ESP. To streamline the process, a google doc will be created to track ‘Potential New Members’ and which current member will make the contact. By doing this we will reduce the duplication of invitations to potentials. Jane J will create the doc.

Proposed bylaw changes
Nathan reported that a  subcommittee met March 25 to address ESP Membership Dues increase at the National level and what that means for Pi Chapter. See meeting notes here.

      National is increasing their portion of the dues:
      Annual members
      Had been $70:  $40 to National & $30 to Pi Chapter
      New proposed Annual member dues:
      National increasing to $55
      Pi Chapter portion proposal - $30
      For a total of $85 dues for Annual Members
      New members
      had been $70 with $45 to national & $25 for Pi Chapter
      New proposed New Member dues:
      National portion increasing to $55
      Pi Chapter portion proposal - $30
      For a total of $85 for New Members
      Note: In the past … National had kept $5 extra for new members
      National Life members …(National - 5x annual dues -- 1x fee)
      Had been $250 total --- $200 to national & $50 to Pi Chapter
      New proposed National Life Member Dues: 
      National is increasing  to $275
      Pi Chapter portion proposal - $25
      For a total of $300 dues for National Life Members
      MN LIfe membership -- (comparable to a MN Active Member) - paid annually
      Had been: $70 on an annual basis with $40 to national & $30 to Pi Chapter
      New proposed MN LIfe Membership Dues
      National portion increasing to $55
      Pi Chapter portion proposal - $30
      For a total of $85 for MN Life Members

      Proposed Process:
      Take the recommendation to the Executive Board meeting on May 3
      The Executive Board will need a motion to take the proposed increase to the full membership
      The bylaw states for AMENDMENTS:
      Section 1 – The Articles of Incorporation and By-laws may be amended at any annual or special meeting of Pi Chapter by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the ballots cast, provided notice of the proposed amendment has been sent to voting members at least ten (10) days prior to the meeting.
      June/July -- have an electronic vote of members to approve the proposed dues increase
      Membership vote should be completed by August 1 … prior to the August 2 Executive Board meeting -- & prior to when the membership campaign begins
      Timing of Pi Chapter annual meeting - timing? (October 9?)

M/S/C - (Marcia, Suzanne) to take the proposed dues increase to the membership for acceptance and bylaw change.

 Annual meeting planning - October 9, 2019
The executive board is planning for a virtual annual meeting. 

National ESP meeting - October 14-17. Typically the chair or vice chair would attend. Suzanne is planning to attend as a member. (Funds are budgeted for rep + MEWS fund + $300 from National).

JCEP report - Sara attend JCEP February 5-8 in San Antonio.  An article was included in the March newsletter.  Members are encouraged to join a national meeting or at least get on a committee mailing list.

Last newsletter was end of March/first part of April
Next newsletter -- projected mail date - July 5
Articles for newsletter:
      Proposed bylaw changes on dues  -- newsletter could serve as the 10 day notice with information; include this in the subject line; then a separate mailing for the vote; July 10 -- send email with vote info; votes due July 20
      Committee updates - Sara send request to committee chairs for articles

Nominating Committee - Suzanne
Suzanne summarized what offices are needed & would appreciate suggestions and/or recruitment of candidates
      (Not Secretary as Robin is on her 1st of two years)
      (Not Treasurer as Mary is on her first of two years)

Next meeting - August 2, 2019

M/S/C (Gwen/ Suzanne) to adjourn the meeting at 10:21 am

Minutes by Sara Croymans

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