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Legislative Update

By Gwen Gmeinder, ESP Legislative Chair
Government Relations Associate, St. Paul Campus

Minnesota State Legislative Status

In January of the even number calendar years, the governor is required by statute to submit a list of capital infrastructure recommendations to the legislature for consideration in the upcoming legislative session. These recommended capital projects reflect infrastructure needs across the state, from state agencies to local governments to higher education facilities. 

The University of Minnesota’s request to the MN State Legislature is summarized here.
Governor Dayton recommendation is for full funding of the University’s capital request. The 2018 bonding request is among the largest in the past five years and the Governor proposes full funding for the University’s request, plus an additional $60 million.

On February 22, President Kaler hosts a legislative briefing to layout more details of the University’s proposal.  Extension administration, government relations staff and 18 Citizens Advisory Committee members will be attending. 

The 2018 Legislature is scheduled to begin at noon, Feb. 20, 2018. Legislators must adjourn by May 21, 2018.

Federal Legislative Status

Extension and CFANS deans and CARET (Consult for Agriculture Research Extension & Teaching) delegates will be on the Hill, March 6 to  meet with all congressional offices and senators to discuss federal funding for agricultural research and teaching. 

2018 Public Institute Leadership Development (PILD) UMN Extension Delegates

April 8-11, 2018 - PILD Conference at The Hyatt Regency Crystal City, Arlington, Virginia
  • ANREP:  Diomy Zamora
  • ESP:  Suzanne Driessen
  • MACLEP:  Brian Fredrickson
  • MAEAP:  Diane Dewitt & Emily Wilmes 
  • MAE4-HYD:  Karen Beranek
  • NEAFCS - Sharon Powell
  • Administration - Dean Durgan, Brent Hales, Sarah Greening & Gwen Gmeinder

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