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MEWS funds helps life member attend conference to advance skills as a financial counselor

by: Phyllis Onstad, Retiree and ESP Life Member

Conference attended:  Association of Financial Counseling Planning and Education (AFCPE) Symposium, San Diego, CA  November 15-17, 2017

As a retiree, I find the ability to continue to apply for a MEWS Scholarship a true value added component of life membership. Thank you MN ESP! The funds awarded help me to continue to grow in my professional life and allows me the opportunity to continue the work that I do in retirement with military members and their families.  This work requires that I receive personal finance continuing education units to maintain my Accredited Financial Counselor (AFC) designation.

In particular, these diverse sessions provided me added knowledge, understanding and tools to utilize in my work and in my life: Behavioral Biases of Clients, Bridging the Gap from Military Financial Education to Military Financial Readiness, Someday Syndrome (Behavioral finance is a new field which blends traditional behavior psychological theory with finance and economics.), Current Vital Trends Impacting Personal Finance, Closing the Racial and Gender Wealth Gap, Effective Teaching through Story Telling, and the best session---From Financial Education to Financial Inclusion: Bridging the Gap for Persons with Disabilities to Access the Economic Mainstream.  This last session was a huge awareness builder and increased my knowledge of financial education resources and tools for persons with disabilities who often must live on $750 or less a month.

Know that I will utilize this knowledge, understanding and tools and… that I greatly benefited from connecting with others throughout the nation who work with the military and financially challenged audiences. 

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