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2016-2017 Committees

ESP Minnesota PI Chapter 2016-2017 Committees Awards & Recognition
This committee shall recommend to the Executive Committee individuals and teams to be nominated for chapter, regional, or national ESP awards; be responsible for securing and presenting chapter awards; and annually review the criteria for selecting awards recipients.

 Woeste, Chair, woest001@umn.eduKia Harries,
This committee shall raise funds according to the direction and intention of the Executive Committee for these purposes: to add to the Minnesota Extension Workers Scholarship Fund; to support the mission, vision, and operations of the Pi Chapter; and any other purpose which contributes to the professional development and work of Pi Chapter members.

Deb Zak, Chair, dzak@umn.eduSuzanne Driessen, driessen@edu.umn
Global Relations
This committee provides awareness and access to international work, service, and travel opportunities.

Vacant, Chair

History & Archives
This committee will…