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Chapter Awards History - updated November 2017

Award Categories, Descriptions, Application Process

Member Recognition Descriptions.pdf - updated Aug. 2012

Chapter Award Recipients

2017 Pi Chapter Awards

Meritorious Support Services – Sharon Leopold
25 Year Tenure of Service – Kathy Brandt, Sara Croymans
Administrative Leadership – Tim Arlt
Visionary Leadership – Holli Arp
Retiree Service – Kent Gustafson
Distinguished Team – Rebecca Hagen Jokela, Lori Hendrickson
Early Career Service – Robin Trott 
Distinguished Service – Marcia Woeste 

Mid-Career Service – Heidi Haugen

    2016 Pi Chapter Awards

  • Distinguished Team Award  – Safe Food Sampling Food Safety Training. Team members: Suzanne Driessen, Glenyce Vangsness-Peterson, Kathy Brandt, Jake Overgard 
  • Diversity /MultiCultural Team Award - Partnering for School Success. Team members: Antonio Alba Meraz, Kathleen Olson, Patricia Olson, Sylvia Alvarez de Davila 
  • Retiree Service Award - Rosi Heins, Scholarship Chair recognition 
  • Friend of Extension Award – Minnesota Department of Agriculture 
  • 25 year award – Kia Harries

2015 Distinguished Team Award

Ellie McCann, Becky Hagen-Jokela, Kelly Kunkel. The Distinguished Team Award is designed to recognize outstanding efforts of Extension staff teams for responding to and incorporating into a specific educational program one or more critical issues. Parenting in the Age of Overindulgence Online Course was developed by a multidisciplinary team from the Family Development Center. The course was developed for parents, childcare providers, teachers, caregivers, and professionals with an overarching goal to increase self-awareness and self-efficacy needed to reduce parental/caregiver overindulgence and provide educational information, strategies and tools in an easily accessible and effective online format. 

Results from the first year of this coarse revealed that the course post survey had 72 respondents. Ninety-five percent of the survey participants were proficient in correctly identifying examples of overindulgence. Ninety-four percent of the survey participants indicated the “Test of Four,” a tool to recognize overindulgence in a given situation, would be useful in assessing overindulgence when applied to their life circumstances. Congratulations to members of the Parenting in the Age of Overindulgence Online Course team: Becky Hagen-Jokela, Kelly Kunkel, Ellie McCann, Jean Illsley Clarke, and Lisa Krause.

2015 25 Years of Service Award

Nancy Hegland

2015 Chapter Retiree Service Award
This award is designed to recognize continuing contributions and outstanding service by retired Extension professionals. This year we recognize Diane Damerow. Diane helps to coordinate the SE MN Retiree groups with Marian Anderson. They keep track of the names and emails of all the retirees in the region and schedule twice a year gathering of the group. In addition Diane is very active with her local hospital auxiliary and serves on the Statewide Hospital Auxiliary Board. Congratulations, Diane!

2014 Chapter Awards
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